The Tip My Waiter Story

During the partial lifting of lockdown last summer, we found that giving tips is very difficult in some restaurants/venues when paying by card.

We noticed that it was becoming increasingly popular to use QR codes to pay for goods, seek information or register to a venue. An idea was soon born to enable cashless tipping via QR code, and simply declare it with the tax authority, as our colleagues would do when given a cash tip.






cashless tipping in UK

cashless tipping in UK. Phone scanning a qr code.


What We Believe in/Values

We aim to create a website/app that creates a trusted place to tip our Colleagues whilst putting as much of the tip as possible straight into their own personal payment app account.

Why Join Us

Having spoken to friends in the hospitality trade . it was clear that the current tipping system is very expensive to run, when taking tip payments by card. Tip My Waiter is both for the business and the person receiving the tip.

Our aim is to provide a cost effective, administration-light payment method that benefits both the business and the staff – meaning more tips the staffs pocket.

Seeing the growing use of QR codes we believed there could be an easier way to tip without the heavy tax burden and administration that is placed on the businesses. Our idea was put on hold because of covid but now we are ready to go.

We have created a simple guide using links from the government website to help you set yourself up.

How It Works

By tipping using the QR code the money you give goes to the Colleague, via their own payment app.

(we do not take any money from the tip)

This money becomes the equivalent of a cash tip which they declare in their personal tax accounts paying (normally) 20% or less depending on their earnings, whether they join to us individually or as a team.

This means that the tip does not go through the business where it would be subject to PAYE (both employer tax, employee tax and insurance ).

So, put simply, more of the tip goes to the person you are tipping and there is less hassle and cost for the business they work for.

We act as an agent for our Colleagues for advertising, team agreements and a 'go to' app and website for customers.


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