Start Accepting Cashless Tipping

Individual Colleagues

  • Low monthly subscription fees. No commission charge 
  • One off joining/subscription fee of £4.99 including VAT
  • Just a 3% commission on each tip (so no tip no fee)
  • Card fees are just 1.69% per pound , ID Card with QR code for easy payment
  • Entry onto the Colleagues Page with a bio and click pay option for those without QR technology
  • Promotional merchandise available
  • Email support

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Teams and Business (also includes)

  • One off joining/subscription fee £4.99 including vat per person (discount for teams of 10 or above at £3.99 including vat per person)
  • Just a 4% commission on each tip (so no tip no fee)
  • Team account agreement (set up a team tips agreement to ensure a transparent operation that all team members will sign and receive access to the team bank account)
  • Email and telephone support
  • Business and team management solutions making fair tip distribution for your business

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Why Join Us

Having spoken to friends in the hospitality trade early last year it was clear that the current tipping system is very expensive to run, when taking tip payments by card. Tip My Waiter is both for the business and the person receiving the tip.

Our aim is to provide a cost effective, administration-light payment method that benefits both the business and the staff – meaning more tips in your pocket.

Seeing the growing use of QR codes we believed there could be an easier way to tip without the heavy tax burden and administration that is placed on the businesses. Our idea was put on hold because of covid but now we are ready to go.

We have created a simple guide using links from the government website to help you set yourself up.




How It Would Work

Charges, Taxes and Employer responsibility

Whether you work as an individual or as a group together we have a simple set up/subscription cost and then small commission charge, SO NO TIPS NO CHARGES

For payments you will need the Sumup app
there is a charge of 1.69% per transaction by the app.

You will also need the Revolut banking app.!AUG2AR

We look at your transaction details so having this app just for tipping means we only see this banking app rather than your regular bank account details. We only use this to determine your commission charges each month 

Whether you are a business, a group working together, or you set up here alone, you only enter the amount of tips that get paid minus the charges from us to you, so you won’t pay tax on the money we charge.


(please note that if you do not declare the cash tips from your work the HMRC will recalculate your tax code on what they estimate your tips would be)

By registering with the HMRC (link below) you can simply add the card tip earnings to your end of year tax earnings. You then pay the tax owed on the tips you have taken for the year, or if you take tips as a group, then your share of the tips.

If you earn less than 12,570 from your salary, before tax and tips earned together you pay no tax. there is a link below for tax thresholds for calculating taxes


By signing up with us as agents you  are allowed to declare the tips as if they were cash tips therefore removing all the administration and PAYE costs to your employers business.. These tips go directly to your account  removing the involvement of your employers business absolving them (your employer) from that cost and responsibility. Your employer will play no part or cannot take any money from any  tips you receive 

As your agents we must also check your right to work in the united kingdom this incudes national insurance number ID check (passport, visa  with employment eligibility. etc)

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Register for your personal tax account here.

 Register Here 

Register and then you can follow the instructions to tell the HMRC what you have earned in tips for the year. This is to be done once a year (the tax year ends on the 5th April).

Requests For Proof of Income

If you’re a PAYE taxpayer and a new employer, bank, housing association or other business and you’re dealing with requests for proof of your income, you can get this online.

  • In your personal tax account, select Pay As You Earn (PAYE). You’ll then see 2 options: Check previous tax years and check the current tax year.
  • You’ll see your PAYE Income Tax summary page. This shows your tax- free amount and your estimated Income Tax for the year. To see your employment details, select View or update employment details.
  • If you view your previous tax year details and realise you need to tell us about changes to your income, select the link that says ‘If you think this information is wrong’.

Find the place where it says tips and gratuities and add the amount you have earned for the year.

Need help? Chat with us! We will be glad to help.



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