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Costs and Benefits

1. We do not charge the business/employer.

2. The account is set up for the employee or employees (team) and the money goes direct to them.

3. As you do not have contact with the money it is exempt from PAYE and the employee is responsible for their tax which is 20% as with cash tips.

Clarification given on tax liability to tipmywaiter from the HMRC link below on twitter:


4. All set up costs and subscription fees are billed at the end of every month to the staff. They only pay a small monthly subscription fee and with the right payment app a small card charge.

5. With cash disappearing fast, this is the future. Keep your staff happy with this transparent tipping solution.

6. Fraud. We find SumUp a very trusted, low cost and easy to register and use app.  Signed up for by the employee or team (see tax) is very good but other QR Payment Apps are available.

7. We use MyDocSafe for all documents, portals and billing, this is an encrypted document service keeping personal information safe and in line with legislation we comply with right to work laws

8. We have support resolution in MyDocSafe. Any problems the staff can contact us direct via their portal.

9. We have a simple formula for equally dividing tips for staff teams according to the hours they work.

Advertising Choices


1. We allow you to have control of this.

2. We can adapt all advertising to meet your needs.

3. We offer table talkers. postcard adverts and various types of waterproof stickers they can be adapted to your needs. We only require our logo and a small tip message.

4. Discretion. We are aware that you may not wish to seem to pushy regarding tipping, this why we think we offer a very discreet service that puts no pressure on the customer to tip, as this is done away from the till or bill and doesn't require face to face contact to tip.

5. Full consultation on your choices. We charge the team or employee for the extra advertising costs, but not until the end of the month, but you may wish to pay as goodwill to your staff, not a problem.

6. Got something new on the menu or an event coming up. Post it on our Social Media. We regularly Tweet or Post on hospitality platforms.

Tax law on tipping

The tax on tipping  is set out here:


In summary -:

Any tips given that are a part of your work are taxable, they are not a gift.

All cash tips must be declared by your staff to the HMRC through their personal tax account.

The HMRC will, in the absence of any declaration of cash tips, decide how much your staff may have earned and put up their tax code to recover the money, this means you pay more tax and NI for them too.

As we are the same as cash, being an outside agent, your staff will pay any tax on their tips through their personal tax account, which we have links on the website and portal for them.

You do not pay the tax on their tips via tipmywaiter.

Twitter reply from the HMRC to tipmywaiter:


If you take tips through your tills or card machines, the tips have to be declared through the payroll.

We will be adding a signed tax declaration for your staff who join us, setting out their tax responsibility using tipmywaiter





Your staff go to 'Get Started' in Join Us, decide whether as a team or individual (back room staff included), sign up and fill out the form and then use the links to set up their SumUp account and/or bank account (if required).

Then sign up to their personal tax account. 

We take the link from their SumUp app and create a profile on the Colleagues page as seen with the two examples on the page. This is what the customers see. They receive an ID badge with a direct link via QR code to the payment page on the SumUp app.  The customer tips and the money goes direct to them.






We saw the problems of tipping when trying to tip by card after the first lockdown. We think we have a solution to the new technology that keeps your staff happy with tips going direct to them. We have seen the press about Pizza Express.

We know also that the large part of the problem is the tips going into the pay roll subjecting them to both employer tax and NI and employee tax and NI. We cant change the tax laws but we can minimize the tax your staff are paying on their tips.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any queries.

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